Don’t get me wrong, my email inbox is full to overflowing with Ask Me Anything submissions but… really, why do 80% of you want to know about the precautions one should take before performing fellatio on your pet Labradoodle?

And that’s just the girls! You don’t want to know what the boys are asking… OK, you twisted my arm. At least two have asked if condoms can be reused, if looked after carefully. I can only assume they were poor students.

So, to improve the… variety… of questions, head-scratchers and odd-situations-that-need-remedying that get sent to me, I have prepared these two lovely buttons:


Left image location:

Right image location:

I know what you’re thinking! A delicious 150 by 150 pixels, perfect for the sidebar on your blog!

How fantastically convenient!

Just link the images to and I’ll do the rest.

Meanwhile, if anything’s been irking you this week and you just can’t think of any easy solution, please ask me for help.

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