I jump into bed and turn the light off; or I put my book down, roll over and shut my eyes.

And then I lay there, eyes shut, trying to sleep, but I simply… can’t. Not for 20, 30, 60 minutes — I always do fall asleep, but it’s never quick and easy. I’m always the the one that has to try and fall asleep while the girl or boy next to me snores unabatedly.

From what I can tell it’s because I’m always thinking about stuff. Laying alone in the dark silence of my bedroom is usually the first chance I get to actually think, much like when you’re on a long train journey with no one to interrupt you, or in the sun absorbing some rays. In the normal passage of our day, we get very little time to stop and think about things; life is too noisy! Laying there in bed, cosy, under a duvet, thoughts can finally make themselves heard.

I’m not even talking about worry or anxiety, it’s just thoughts and possibilities bouncing around my head. Some of my best ideas have come to me a few minutes before sleep finally takes hold.

Does anyone else experience the same thing? Does anyone else struggle to empty their mind of thoughts? Is this what insomnia actually is?

Bonus points if you can identify this really damn noisy bird that always hangs around my garden:

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