As you know, I like to slack on weekends. It’s the only real way I have of preventing RSI in my fingers.

Instead of writing, I usually resort to something else I rather enjoy: taking photos!

So without further ado I give you the tomato update.

I now have three tomatoes! THREE! And the first one (John, after the disciple) is now ORANGE! Which is odd, considering this variety is meant to be yellow when ripe — but maybe I’m just so awesome at growing tomatoes that it has turned orange?

(Click it for a larger view, or continue scrolling down to see what I’m pointing out with a proud snarl playing upon my lips…)

I should also remind you to head over to the Ask Me Anything form and submit some kind of question. A query, a pondering of such preponderancy that you feel compelled to ask me for the solution. I’d like a few geeky questions this week, which I think some of you can provide — or ask a friend if they have an issue they need resolving.

I spent this afternoon in the presence of about 15 young mothers at a tea party. There were about 5 single girls there, which my mother was of course trying to set me up with. But I fear, without a trail of drool down my chin and a litany of incomprehensible monosyllabic words I went unnoticed. And it’s quite hard for a hairy guy in a cowboy hat to go unnoticed, let me tell you.

I trust you are having a nice weekend and that it’s sunnier where you are… the British summer is over.

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