I have nothing other than a photo of a pretty butterfly that found its way into my bedroom yesterday. It’s not quite as impressive as the hawk moth, but still magnificent in its own way!

I’m only really sharing this because I liked the reflected light shining through its wings — the colour really shouldn’t be that vibrant! If you have a good monitor, or you get very close (don’t worry, no one can see you) you can see the pink reflection in the glass from its wings.

As you can see a tomato plant on the left, I feel an update is warranted: I’ve eaten the first tomato (the one I showed you a few weeks ago). Actually, I shared it with my mother — and it was lovely! Very sweet, which was a bit of a surprise. We’re both looking forward to the next one now, which should be ready in a few days. Unfortunately, there’s still only four (4) fruit on all four plants combined… Seems a bit of a waste, considering how much time I’ve spent watering and pinching out and talking to them in the middle of the night…

I realised that I hadn’t actually written anything about myself in a while (since the childhood stories), so that’s what you’ll get tomorrow: more about me.

Have a nice Sunday! I’m off to watch thousands of bikes stream past the end of my house on the London to Brighton bike ride. A glorious event where old and unhealthy people alike try to convince themselves, and the world, that they can still earn a bit o’ money for charity. Often it rains and that makes it even more brilliant.

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