I’ll keep this one short as I want to try and get some proper sleep tonight (I finally have black bags over my bedroom windows!)

The sun finally came out! At least it did in the north east of the archipelago. We used the webcams that are placed all over the country to check — in real-time! To capitalise, we headed up to Vidareidi (from which point we could see Muli, the abandoned town I photographed the other day) and walked south along the coast.

The Atlantic Ocean has never looked quite so alluring. Deep-azure, turquoise, cobalt, midnight, Egyptian — blue! But not the wussy, pale blues of the Caribbean but dark, intense shades.

Also, there wasn’t a single hill in sight. Just lovely, flat coastlines. It looks like the islands were once volcanic (but I’m sure someone (mum?) will take one look at the photos and tell me exactly what kind of rock it is!) Actually, thinking about it, I found a vein of quartz so I’m sure it was once volcanic.

Anyway, two lovely photos from the island of Vidoy (and one of me posing at the end…):

And the bonus photo — me posing on the end of a very, very precarious rock. The fall is about 10 meters. There’s a photo of me losing my balance a few seconds later… but I look petrified, so we’ll just skip past that one…

Yours truly, Sebby, balanced on the end of a rock...

The fog is clearing!
My heart will... go oow-o-o-oh-onnnn...


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