I know I’m being dramatic but it’s TRUE!

When your heart is beating 200 times per minute it has to be bad news, unless you’re an Olympiad, right?

We had to stop four times, and two of the six actually turned back, unable to make it to the summit. But with my geeky, atrophied not-used-in-over-10-month legs, my shrivelled lungs and the heart of a man half my size… I made it!

(I not putting enough effort into describing just how unpleasant it was to climb the mountain. But that’s because I’m very tired and words aren’t coming easily and I have my hosts sitting either side of me… they’re trying to look like they’re not reading this but they obviously are…)

And I got two nice photos as a reward! Most of them featured a lens covered in rain. These two, miraculously, are clean.

It’s still really foggy but the bright patch in the first photo is the only break in the clouds that I’ve seen in the last 48 hours. It’s not due to clear up properly until Friday though…

It’s hard to describe just how quickly the fog moves though. You can see in the first photo that fog is actually clearing on the left side of the photo but pooling and curling around the rocks on the right side! And five seconds later you can’t even see the town below. In the second photo I’m just looking down over the side…

I think we’re resting tomorrow. And I’m looking at investing in a sedan chair. Let’s see how good their famed hospitality really is.

Rain, fog, cloud, drizzle... lots of water
Proof that I was up aforementioned mountain...


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