I know I’ve referred to ‘my host’ a few times now.

I also know that a few of you think it’s a girl! And that I’m ‘away getting some international poontang’. Well, to the handful of you that jumped to such a despicable conclusion, SHAME ON YOU!

Actually it’s a he (and he is flexible but that’s because he’s a gymnast). In fact, I’m sorry to disappoint, but I’m actually getting so little ‘inbred booty’ (obviously not my turn of phrase…) that I keep hoping that he’ll set me up with some suitably-Faroese female flesh. But alas, being a fellow geek, I don’t think he’s going to come through with the goods. But there’s time yet…!

He’s actually very similar to me, but instead of learning to program computers he picked up gymnastics instead (something I was actually quite into when I was younger, believe it or not! I could front- and back-flip with the best of them!)

Anyway, here’s a pretty (and slightly-edited to make him look more awesome) photo of him doing a handstand on a rock some way out to sea:

The gymnast doing a handstand... that daredevil.

And now one of me being no where near as daring. In fact I’m doing a bit of a twirl here — like in Singing in the Rain where he twirls, looking up into the rain, a smile on his face.

Me, twirling on the coast of Vidoy, Faroe Islands

Finally, because, well, I’m a photographer and I like to take pretty photos, here’s a beautiful photo of the roiling and ferocious Atlantic ocean:

The Atlantic Ocean, from the east coast of the Faroe Islands. The Angry Atlantic!

The G! festival begins today; they squeeze about 10,000 people onto a stretch of beach that, in the Western world, wouldn’t hold more than 10 or 15 sunbathers. I believe we’ll be visiting by boat and anchoring just off the coast. From there we’ll have a perfect vantage point to observe the moshingly-crazy Faroese.

Ach, a wee blog outage!
Busy busy busy... boats boats boats


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