Got up at 8am today… after going to bed at 2… fell asleep sometime around 5…

Actually got woken up in the middle of my first real sleep in the last five days! Bah.

Anyway, I’m a day behind on the photos now and I imagine I’ll only slip further behind as I reeeally need to try and sleep right about… now.

But we went out into the Atlantic today, up along the west coast of the Faroes. Alongside some huge, nay ginormous, cliffs (about 500 meters tall — imposing!) There were some puffins but they were very small even at the end of my largest penis extension (i.e. telescopic lens). I look forward to getting up close and personal with them next week.

Tomorrow features the Eating Of The Whale. We had to rummage around the city to see if anyone still had some from the last whale hunt… and we found some! Their hospitality here is truly amazing (the hunk of dark-black whale flehs that I’ve been given is worth about £500…!)

For now, you get three photos of me on the prow of the ship. Possibly having a bit of a Titanic moment (though without the inevitable iceberging…)

The second photo actually features a real, live smile. Save it to your harddisk; it’ll be worth something one day.

That's my host's kind-of brother-in-law. I think he's possibly having a bit of a laugh at my expense.

(They’re laughing at me. ‘Damn tourists…’)

Readying myself for the arms-out-stretched bit. Requires a bit of balance when out at sea...!

(Just gathering my balance; not very easy to do out in the Atlantic… and look, a smile!)

They didn't actually do this in the film, right? But I felt it necessary... for completeness.

(They didn’t actually do this bit in the film. But I felt that I hadn’t made a big enough fool of myself, so, y’know…)

And... the sun is out!
I ate dolphin!


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