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Sticky Fingers & Taurus

Abi: I went out to try to find something local and interesting as the basis for my first image in this project and came up with nothing. Beautiful as the Devon countryside is, it is hard to be inspired when it is dark and drizzling. Looking up at the gathering clouds, I decided to go home and give it up as a bad job. I was climbing over a gate when I spotted, just above my head an amazing, untouched crop of Blackberries. I must walk this lane 3-4 times a week and its amazing how we can look but stop seeing. Proof indeed that you can find good things in the most unexpected of places. Sort of sums up this project really so I guess its apt for my starting image.

Note to self: look up more. Tall people like Seb must see so much more.

Seb: The original plan was to ‘welcome’ you to my little corner of the world in Sussex, with the tried-and-trusted ‘Welcome to…’ village sign, with the beanie baby casually hanging from it.

But it looked a bit shit. So I went sunset chasing instead! And found a lovely view over a gate and across a farm. Unfortunately it’s not a cow farm; that would’ve been neat! We do get all our eggs from them though!

Why the beanie baby? Well… I have a few stuffed toys! Not many people know about them. Only the few people that I let into my bedroom — and those friends and lovers are few and far between. And I guess you too now!

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