I didn’t have time to finish yesterday’s story of hellish automobile disaster, so instead you get some pretty photos to look at.

This is just to prove that I am capable of portrait photography and not just pretty landscapes! (And if you haven’t bought one of my Faroese photo prints yet, why not?)

First up, one in colour:

Peace, man!

And now a close-up of his eye, because you can see me and the reflection of his arm, which is pretty neat:

Sorry for the gratuitous close-up. But check out my reflection, and the arm!

And finally, two black and whites of a kid that’s waaaay too photogenic:

It says 'Rayban' in the corner of his glasses, if you can't make it out...

Can you make out ‘Ray Ban’ on his glasses? Damn poser.

But the t-shirt makes up for it:

He was forgiven for posing simply because of his t-shirt...

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