Still trying to catch up with, like, everything. Yesterday I emptied my inbox; today I’m going to try and make some headway on Google Reader…

I’ve been slowly trawling my way through thousands of photos from the last month. Turning up some gems!

I could tell you about the expression she had on her face, but that’d spoil the mystery. Just look at that ELBOW! I just want to squidge it. And maybe gnaw a little. (Also, check top left corner — ‘you rack’, or ‘you rock’?)

Next, a couple of live music photos, something I haven’t done in a long time (not since university really — photos here). I was actually really good by the time university ended — and I also picked up tinnitus, an affliction that still haunts me today! But years of landscape photography have filled my life since university and the live music muscles have atrophied and grown slack.

These two are pretty damn cool though:

Dave, having a 'moment'.

The Italian Guitarist... in colour!

You can click either for larger versions — the second one is very dark, you will need to make sure your screen is calibrated correctly…! You have to be able to see his facial expression to fully appreciate the photo.

And now, for your education and mine, a black and white version of the same photo:

The Italian Guitarist, black and white

Which version do you prefer? And for bonus points, why?

A brief change from the norm: some portrait photography
Art or engineering?


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