It’s hot and sticky in the UK again. I’m tired through lack of sleep and I refuse to pump myself full of caffeine just so I’m capable of coherent thought and thus bubble forth the beautiful, flowing prose that you expect from me. Instead, I went through photos from the G! Festival, a music festival that takes place on a beach in the Faroe Islands. You’ve seen a few but I have a lot (hundreds). There’ll probably be some more tomorrow. I’ve tried to prepare a nice selection of photos so there should be something for everyone!

[Image removed, as it became Dancing Light]

Hogni smiles with a reverential crowd. Straight out of the camera. Beautiful!

Hogni, a Faroese musician. Look at his smile. Maybe my favourite photo ever! (You need to see it BIG, it’s awesome) Definitely a case of right-place-right-time. And my 100mm prime lens which seems to have truly beautiful optic characteristics.

Teitur on stage at the G! Festival. Sunset in the background!

Teitur, perhaps the most famous Faroese musician, with an adoring audience. And a rather pretty sunset in the background!

Inbred Faroese children...

If only you could see the kid on the right’s facial expression. I think we can guess though. G! Festival is for all the family!

The swan that would not sit still
More live music photos and a sunrise!


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