I know, posting videos you’ve found on the Internet and not actually writing something is highly frowned upon.

But… the thing is, as a truly ‘online personality’ and a member of hundreds of forums, communities and chat rooms, in a normal day I look at lots of shit. Pictures (damn lolcats…), comics and… VIDEOS!

Which is what I’m going to share today. Videos. Cool, cute, funny and weird — one of each. If I recall correctly, you can’t see videos in my RSS feed, so I’ll provide links, or you can read this entry on my blog — up to you. If this is popular I might do some cool/interesting images/photos next week!

Starting off with ‘funny’ (and cute), we have Maru the cat:


You might know of Maru from his ‘box jumping‘ (or ‘box sliding’) antics. Turns out he has even more tricks up his sleeve. As a result, he’s probably the cutest animal in the world — and coming from someone that isn’t ‘into’ cats, that means a lot.

Next up, to combat the huge, foolish grin that’s probably on your face right now, a kid that was recently in the news for crying blood:


Yeah. Pretty creepy. Didn’t they have a case like that on House a while back? (Incidentally, with the winter TV season returning, expect Dushku Day to make its return…!)

Now the coolest of the lot, a robotic hand that was presented earlier this year. If you don’t find it cool initially, watch through until the phone-toss-and-catch at the end. And then re-watch it a few more times. And now go and watch Terminator 1 and 2 again…


Finally a longer but ‘neat’ video of a Japanese monkey (chimpanzee?) being shown some magic tricks. Just basic sleight-of-hand and a little illusion. Watch the monkey’s reactions. You don’t have to watch al of it!


Now I must go and think of a photo suitable for week 2 of 52 Weeks! See you all on Monday.

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