There’s a nasty problem that afflicts most artists. Some would say it isn’t a problem, some would say it’s merely ‘perfectionism’ or something, but the fact remains: artists tend to be very critical of their own work. I don’t necessarily mean that they HATE everything they produce, though some surely do. I mean that the artist judges his work very heavy-handedly. A painter might hate a portrait simply because they got an ear slightly wrong. A photographer might hate a landscape for being just slightly skewed. A singer might think their performance was awful because they hit one wrong note.

But in all actuality, to the audience — those that look at the paintings or photos, those that listen to the singer — it’s still a beautiful piece of art.

What I’m trying to say is that for every single photo you see of mine on this blog or on Flickr, there are probably 10 others that are great, but not good enough in my opinion. But the sad thing is, history has shown that more often than not, it’s those hated paintings, those paintings that ‘aren’t quite good enough’, that become famous.

Because the artist’s viewpoint is heavily biased. It’s like… you can’t see the forest for the trees. You’re so immersed in your own art that you never really get to stand back and appreciate it. You get to enjoy my art more than I do. How lame is that?!


So, because these photos are probably good, even though I don’t think they’re PERFECT, I thought I would share them with you. Scroll through them, there should be something for everyone! The ‘Sebby Landscapes’ are towards the end, if you don’t like PEOPLE photos.

A cute, blonde guitarist.

(Click for a slightly larger version of the blonde guitarist — she’s blonde, can’t you tell?!)

It's the 'Peace' kid again! This time failing a little... but very cute.

(You probably recognise this kid from the ‘peace’ photo I took of him. A whole lot cuter in this one, eh?)

An experiment with smoke and light!

(Painting with light and smoke! Just an experiment… turned out better than I thought it would be!)

Sleeping cutie. Not as good as the portrait of her, but that's not on the blog... so this is all you get!

(Aw! There’s a better portrait of her, but it’s not public… so this one will have to do.)

Up one of the many hills near Klaksvik... aka, let's-kill-Seb.

(From one of our ‘invigorating’ walks in the Faroes. From the same ‘session’ as my ‘meet my Faroese hosts‘ post.)

Vidoy and Svinoy from Vidaredi, Faroe Islands. BLUE!

And FINALLY, an over-exposed-but-deliciously-blue-and-cerulean-and-cyan landscape from the east coast of the Faroes. You’ll recognise this landscape from this Faroes post.

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