As I mentioned earlier, I’ve decided to highlight a ‘golden oldie’ blog entry that you might not have seen before!

I know this blog is hardly ‘old’, but looking at the stats, about two thirds of you will have never seen it! (It’s only 25 days into September and the blog has just broken 100,000 page views for the month — when this blog post first appeared, in March 2009, there were 40,000 page views a month.)

Today, the story I want to draw your attention to is my ‘dramatic reenactment’ of a true story. A true story of a man that fell head over heels into a disused nuclear bunker. This video diary, entitled ‘Day 37′ chronicles his hilarious, quirky and at times tearjerkingly sensitive adventures in the bunker, and how inevitably… he goes insane. (If you’ve seen the half-beard, but wondered where it came from… you are about to find out!)

Follow this link for the first chapter. The rest are linked from there. If you are of a sensitive disposition, or afraid of bodyhair, you probably shouldn’t watch (chapter 3 is the worst. Or best.)

I’m now going to cover myself in leaves for Monday’s 52 Weeks. I hope I can find one big enough for my private bits.

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