It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the retirement of Fridays from my weekly posting schedule.

But! This is good news for a variety of reasons:

  • My writing quality will improve! Actually, considering the quality here is already very high, the quality will probably stay the same. But if anything, it will improve!
  • There will be more ‘features’. By removing Friday from my posting schedule I have three days in which I can set up more complicated photos for 52 Weeks or write for other publications. For Monday I’m planning my very first album review. I need to finish reading my thesaurus quickly!
  • There’ll be less to read. You’ll actually be able to keep up without skipping through each paragraph. Rejoice! I can imagine this will come as a relief to some of you — and to those of you that are crying big, wet, sticky tears of sorrow: sorry.

In fact, I don’t think there’ll be any bad repercussions from this change. Everyone’s a winner.

Thinking about it, I could use Fridays to highlight old entries that you might not have seen before. And maybe I can get some more guest blogs from my hilarious and intelligent friends (of which there are three, if you include my mother) — I could publish those on a Friday…

Or, or… perhaps Friday could host a video diary? (Though you guys would have to pitch in and help me buy a new camera, because my mobile phone totally didn’t do the frozen-peas-down-shorts justice.)

Maybe a paragraph/page from my/your favourite book? Just something that doesn’t involve writing, basically. Spare my poor, Bohemian fingers.

As for the ‘golden oldie’ (isn’t that a particularly moist variety of geriatric pornography?): I’ll have a browse through the archives and see what catches my eye. Stay tuned!

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