Ah, how we all hoped the second episode would be as good as the season premiere. Alas, it was not to be.

Very odd episode this week. Didn’t really hold my attention. Possibly this was because of the lack of sexy girls — even a breasty Mellie (Miracle Laurie) failed to prod my libido. In fact, this week, the most attractive girl on the show was also the oldest — the lovely, the charming, the English Olivia Williams.

Let’s hope they can capitalise on the very thickly-spread (and possibly very meaty) plot that they’ve sown in the first two episodes of the season.

Discussion topic, for those that have seen the epsiode: Didn’t Topher seem awfully out of character at the start? Are they trying to make him a little more… crazy?

Anyway, a couple o’ screencaps of Eliza Dushku from the start of the episode, and then two of the aforementioned girls. I almost took a shot of Dushku breastfeeding but I thought that would’ve been less sexy and more… er… weird.

Note: You can click each image to make it larger.

Eliza Dushku getting out of bed in a cute (but motherly...) negligee thing -- Dollhouse, season 2

Eliza Dushku out of bed in a cute (but motherly...) negligee thing -- Dollhouse, season 2

Miracle Laurie (Mellie), looking quite attractive (but really, no match for Dushku). Dollhouse, Season 2

Olivia Williams... A mature, British beauty! Dollhouse, season 2.

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