Hannibal Lecter beats a guard into a fine, bloody pulp in Silence of the LambsIt’s amazing just what goes through your head while covered in sickly sticky sauce. As the chocolate syrup dribbled down my beard and over my not-insignificant man-boobs, I got to thinking about my blog, and what direction to take it this month. And you know what? I realised I haven’t really talked about myself in a while. A long time ago I did a series of entries designed to educate and elucidate; a series of articles that outlined what  makes me tick. And then they stopped. For no real reason either! I just found my thoughts being dragged in different direction, I guess.

I’m not great at talking about myself, you see. I mean, of course all of my entries say something about who I am, if you look close enough. You can deduce the kind of things that interest or perplex me. You even have a good idea of what I get up to: what — and who — I do. You know by now that organised religion irks me, that magic and technology amaze me. You might even have gathered, if you’re particularly astute, that I’m very patient and very deliberate, each and every one of my actions and movements measured to perfection.  In fact, there is only one way to really piss me off: don’t you dare do something without thinking.

Think before you open your mouth. Think before you strike another man, mentally or physically. Think so that other people don’t have to think for you. I am so bored of having to deal with the laziness of other people. If you just stopped to think before you act, judge or speak. If everyone took responsibility for their own thoughts, actions or inactions before palming them off to someone else.

Ah… bliss. A utopian fantasy.


Today I’m going to introduce you to my virtual book shelf! I know what you’re thinking: Sebastian actually reads books?! How come he’s never mentioned it before? You probably thought I was illiterate or something. Wel im glad too say im not!!1

I read. Not a lot, compared to others — and I actually read quite slowly, apparently — but I do read. I read for an hour every night while my thoughts settle, usually between 4 and 5am. I don’t consider myself an authority on the subject of books, and I don’t think I could ever be so presumptuous as to review another author critically, but I do know the difference between a good and bad book. At the same time, I’m usually that sucker that sticks with books right to the very end, hoping it will get good. Time and time again I do it! I should just learn my lesson and quit after 100 pages if it hasn’t caught my attention.

They say you can learn a lot about someone by what they read so, going along with the whole ‘telling you more about myself’ thing, I thought I would show you my bookshelf — my virtual bookshelf anyway. In reality, my books are split between the disorganised library downstairs and towering stacks of books in my bedroom, but thanks to Goodreads I can pretend to have a beautifully-tidy bookshelf. This is not every book that I’ve read, but as many as I could enter before writing this blog post. I’ll keep adding to it later — it’s pretty tiring entering every book in your library by hand…

(There’s a chance this looks really bad in your RSS reader, in which case you should look at it on my blog… it’s very pretty.)

And even cooler, there’s a new Flash widget on the sidebar so you can see what I’ve recently read and reviewed and rated!

This is the bit where I ask if you have any questions about me and my book-reading habits. If anyone wants to ask me about my infatuation with Terry Pratchett’s Discworld… please do. Or perhaps the colour of my obi when I dressed up after reading Memoirs of a Geisha? Which hobbit do I most closely identify with? How come I’ve ready so few of the ‘classics’, or anything by the philosophers of yore?

If you don’t have any questions, come and be my friend on Goodreads. Suggest a nice, fluffy, happy book for me to read next, after I finish Silence of the Lambs

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