Note: Dollhouse day not Dushku Day because, well… there was hardly any Dushku this week.

Instead… we were treated to an episode full of Sierra — Dichen Lachman — and Victor (the always-delightful Enver Gjokaj). And… it was OK! Surprisingly OK. Deep and meaningful. It was certainly let down a little by Dichen’s acting a little… but she did better than usual! Enver was great as usual. Keith Carradine (who is absolutely awesome in Dexter) also made a surprise appearance — is he here to stay? He seemed to know Adelle. It’s suggested that he’s a big-wig from the Rossum Corporation or something?

But yeah, not much Dushku this week. Only one photo of her looking very pretty in a very small and very tight cocktail dress. No sign of Paul this week either (though the guest star looked a lot like him…)

Ah yes, and there was news this week that Dollhouse almost certainly won’t get renewed for a third season. They’re putting repeats of Bones and House on throughout November, as they get more viewers… (if I were to ever make a sad face on my blog, now would be the place I would do it — fortunately, I refuse to use smilies/frownies on the blog…)

I think that’s all for now. Do we get Yummy Summer Glau next week? Or do we have to wait until December?

Note: Click the images for a bigger picture! My notes for each image are in the tool-tips, if you hover over them…

Eliza Dushku, Echo, in a very delicious little cocktail dress. With overly-tanned legs... and lots of breast! Mmm.

Dichen Lachman -- Sierra -- looking kinda cute. Not a fantastic shot though, I agree.

Sierra and Victor fall in love...! (This is rather cute by the way; probably best bit of the episode.)

More Sierra-and-Victor-sitting-in-a-tree... this time, face-painting in the shower. Steamy and hot and giggles all round.

Topher cutting up a corpse. It's worth watching the episode just for this bit...

Busy busy busy (housekeeping post)
To Kill a Mockingbird...


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