Me (Sebastian) by a window. Self-portrait, 10-second dash. Available light and space invaders. Sexy.

Sporting a Space Invaders t-shirt, a freshly-shaved beard, and a cashmere deerstalker by my wonderful, more-than-slightly-neurotic but highly-talented hat-making friend Minnie.

(I guess this is my very first product endorsement… chrikee…)

Enjoying my new 50mm lens an awful lot. It’s good to be taking portraits again and messing around with only available light (this one’s shot at f/2.2, for the photographers out there — pretty sharp, eh!) There are some other shots that you’ll see from this afternoon — some dorky ones — just I don’t have time to go through them now — I have to go out.

Until tomorrow… and Dushku Day…!

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