Just a little blog entry this morning! I’m still busy sorting through photos, which you might have begun to see on Flickr yesterday, but today I will finish that and post them up here on the blog! Lots of dorky-children photos (and one of a cute little girl I think) — and there’s one of the men in my family getting altogether too… frisky.

But, in more important news — a robotic hand that has sensation! A robotic hand that allows you to feel what it touches! An actuated, biomechanical masterpiece that hooks into your nervous system. How awesome is this…?


Obviously this is primarily for amputees. Obviously. BUT… seriously, how far are we now from super-strong, super-fast replacement robot hands? Would I elect to have my hand chopped off and replaced with one of these…? Hell yes. Imagine how fast I could type! How many heads I could crush! How fast I could throw…! (If I had my whole arm upgraded, anyway.)

Secondly, my Last.fm profile is starting to fill up a bit. I still think it’s shit that I can’t just ADD my whole music library to it, but whatever. This means you can now keep up with that I’m listening to in real time. God, it sounds lame when you put it into words like that — it really reminds you that there’s a reason they call such social networks ‘egocasting‘. Well, anyway, if you want to share stuff or be friends on Last.fm, please do. I have no idea what I can really do with it — it recommends music, right, á la Pandora? — so if there’s something neat that it does… tell me.

Finally, go watch that robotic hand video again. Think about it a little and its implications. For further (and scary) proof of concept (we’re really close to this kind of thing becoming real!), watch this video of a high-speed robotic hand. Imagine combining both this and the sensing hand above. Imagine being the owner of hands with an ‘automatic’ switch. Need to catch a speeding bullet? Go automatic! Just make sure you switch it back to manual when you want to be intimate with someone… or yourself…

* * *

Photos to follow…

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