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South Downs Sunset & Celebration

Seb: Ah, back to my comfort zone of landscapes. I thought I was doing rather well, having not done one since week 1! But here I am… chasing the perfect landscape yet again.

This one’s of the South Downs (I think). At least, it’s south of where I am now, and north of Brighton, which I think is the South Downs. Basically there’s a bunch of roads that run across the tops of these lovely valleys, looking down and across some sweeping, rolling hillocks.

I had intended to go out and photograph Ashdown Forest, which kind of leads into the South Downs, but instead decided to go and chase the sunset from the top of the hill.

And… I think I got the killer shot: heather, ferns, birch, sunset, clouds… what more is there? I even have my signature bit of blue…

Sadly a lot of the detail is only really visible at full size… but you’ll have to trust me: this one’s really beautiful.

* * *

Abi: My life is in a period of upheval at the moment. When everything seems uncertain to us it is quite easy to forget that what could be described the worst day to some can be the happiest to others. My friend Laura got married this weekend, I’d be a bad friend if I couldn’t forget my worries for just one day.

In other news, I think I had my first proper falling out with the other 50% of this project this week. It sucked. Sorry Seb.

This photo was something of an accident. But I liked it so I’m ok admitting it.

* * *

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