These photos will likely find their way to Flickr eventually, but I need to get them all up here now, or I’ll forget about them. It’s crazy how many photos I have taken that never quite make it to the public domain. Either I get side-tracked, or I don’t like the photo at the time — or sometimes I just have too many go through and I don’t want to swamp my various sites with page after page of photo.

So, if you don’t want random photos of me and my friends, or a pretty landscape, you can navigate away now. Otherwise, scroll on down. Notes are attached to the images as usual — hover over them to read ‘em!

Opening with another '50mm landscape'. Pretty I thought. That's Newbury Racecourse (very desolate...)

This is my cousin. I'm uploading this on the premise that 'the light is quite nice'. Sleep deprivation does weird things...

Again with the sleep deprivation. This is a friend that I spent four nights in a tent with. Check out my FACE!

Taken by my cousin. I think it quite nicely illustrates how wild my hair was (I had showered the night before... oops.)

I’m still feeling pretty rough. Head feels a bit groggy… a bit… tight. Going to try and write something for tomorrow now… and drink some more water.

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