You won’t see this often, and I feel a bit like a gimp for doing it because this place is about as noncommercial as things get BUT… well… a man has to buy Christmas presents for his family, right?

There’s a Black Friday sale on my photographs today, until 11:59pm Pacific time — so if you’re in the US, you have until midnight. If you’re in Europe or the east, you have until about midday Saturday!

The deal is: $10 off if you spend $40 or more. Most prints are $40, but some are less — so you’ll either have to buy 1 or 2 photos to ‘enable’ the discount. The discount will be applied after the order, because Etsy is a bit silly like that — I have to refund $10 to your PayPal account/credit card after you’ve paid.

It’s a significant saving! Buy now! (Have I flogged this enough yet?)

There will also likely be another special offer before Christmas, I just don’t know what it will be yet.

Anyway, now you get a block of pretty photos to entice you into buying one of them. See you on Monday…! We have a special ‘52 Weeks‘ planned and I’m quite excited. Now, I need to go and find my eye-makeup…

A collage of just a SMALL selection of my pretty photos.

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