I know I'm no Edward Cullen. Sorry.(Click for larger! You can see my tongue… cool.)

I vaaant to suuuck yourr bluuud!

Just kidding, I don’t really. I mean, I like nibbling soft, fresh flesh as much as the next guy… but I’m not a blood sucker or anything like that!

This didn’t quite work out how I intended… but again, I ran out of daylight (how fitting!)

I actually have huge incisors — you know, those canine teeth that vampires have — which is the main reason I rarely smile in photos, because I look a bit stupid. I tried to take a photo of them without making me look retarded… but I failed. So the photo doesn’t really go with the text. But it works… just!

A girl really did beg me to bite her, by the way. Pleaded, even. By the sound of things she really enjoyed it too…

[There's more too-much-information over on Lilu's blog. I expect I'm the only VAMPIRE-THEMED one this week though...!]

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