You probably gathered from yesterday’s 13 of 52, that the photographic pickings are pretty slim at the moment.

It’s grey, windy, horrible — there’s about two hours of good daylight if I’m lucky, which makes photo-shootin’ pretty hard. I’m reduced to internal and low-light stuff now, unless the clouds clear and we get some nice, clear, wintry afternoons in the following weeks. But that’s OK — I haven’t done any night-time photography in ages, and trying to get the most out of overcast afternoons is my forte! (By virtue of living in overcast England…) That doesn’t mean the results are very good mind you — it just means that you get something rather than nothing. But you can see the photos in a little bit and decide for yourself.

Today, just to ram a nail in the coffin no doubt, it pissed down. Real rain — not the horizontal kind that we usually get. Just WHOOMPF, bouncing off roofs and roads and cars. The thundering pitter-patter that drowns out music and scares the cat. But who cares! Vertical rain meant I could get my camera and umbrella and go for a walk!

So in the name of art, and wanting to stretch myself a little, I give you ‘Catching Rain’. A series of images depicting England under the veil of cloud and assault of rain. If I’ve done my job right, you should feel like you’re being gently hit by soft, snow-like rain as you look at the following photos.

As always, hover over a photo to see my notes.

Looking out from our car park towards the formal garden. There's a lovely Victorian wall under there somewhere.

(That table is where I shot the pumpkin-on-face photos, incidentally)

Odd one, this. Looks more processed than it actually is. I love the little 'splashes' bottom right.

The effect of rain over decades... lovely, old, glass windows.

Not great...! But nice, definitely. Focus is a little bit weird. Love the red and green drops of water.

(Look at the red and green droplets of water clinging to the branch! Depends what’s in the background. Cute!)

Lichen, very shallow depth of field, rain. Focus is a bit distracting here. Love the background though.

Hah... a diptych. No, not really -- I just liked both versions! My sister's Vespa moped.

Which one looks better…? I’m actually torn between them. Both look great. Let’s just pretend there are two Vespas and this here is a diptych of them both…!

13 of 52
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