… for this interruption in service.

[I am publishing this without proof reading. A first for me. Go easy on any mistakes I may have made.]

I made a promise at the start of the year that I would stick to a schedule. It was my New Year’s resolution!

And I lasted until the middle of November! For today, I have finally failed.

But in my defence, I haven’t slept. Not in 4 days. Last night we were in this big, plastic semi-permanent marquee thing (sorry, the words don’t come as easily at the moment). It sounded like a better idea than under my computer desk.

It wasn’t.

There were these huge air-conditioning units that hung from the rafters, and every time the wind blew, the plastic top-sheet would bounce up and down, bouncing the A/C units against the rafters. Cue vast, booming, oh-my-God-the-roof-is-falling noises.

Then there was the train. Newbury is right on a train station. Freight trains thundered past every hour. Through the plastic walls of the marquee it felt like they were less than 30 meters away.

Ah, and the drunk and noisy nerds. Screaming and snoring, bellowing and belching until the sun came up. And the floor was raised, so as people traipsed across it to their sleeping bags the whole room would shudder, and with my head to the ground I felt like a rabbit, predicting some kind of earthquake.

There were cars going by behind my head too. But they were small-fry compared to the trains and bouncing-AC-units-of-doom.

Anyway… the LAN ends in a few hours and I’ll be able to head home.

In the mean time, go and enjoy mine and Abi’s ‘12 of 52‘ — her, and her pretty pink (coral) lips. Me and my… serious gamer.

12 of 52
The LANgasm


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