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The Thing & Footsteps will guide you home

Seb: If you didn’t know already: it snowed in England this week! Not just a couple of centimetres either — PROPER snow. Like as much as TEN centimetres in some parts!

We only got about 5cm here, but in other parts of the country (Abi’s?) I think they had a lot more. Either way, more than 1cm of snow in England always immediately triggers two things a) the shutting down of all offices, schools and amenities — the entire country shuts down, basically — and b) it’s time to PLAY!

We Brits don’t play as much as other people. I don’t know why. I guess we’re a bit boring… But snow is one of the few universal times when almost everyone (other than the oldies) goes out to play.

Of course, me being me, I grabbed my camera and avoided the kiddies that might damage my lens.

What you see here is part of our garden, at around 1am. It’s pretty damn creepy. I’ll talk more about it tomorrow on my blog — it’s straight out of the camera, believe it or not.

* * *

Abi: We never used to get snow at this time of year at all. I remember wishing for it year after year as a child but growing up by the sea, hard frost was as wintry as it got. I took this a day or two before I left my friend’s house, on the same day I took most of the other snow shots in my stream and found that this rather quiet image was by far my favourite. Snowfall exposes the paths we tread and I love seeing vast carpets of virgin snow over the fields. Even though it reminds me of that tragic scene at the end of The Snowman.

Incidentally Seb’s view on this one involved something poetic about my new start. He feels ‘the hopefulness of the footprints in week 17, representative of Neil Armstrong’s footsteps… represent the turning point…’ — he actually said that, I lifted it right out of the MSN chat window. I suppose when you look at it like that it’s kind of fitting.

* * *

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