I admit, the double-barrel Dollhouse episodes in the past three weeks have totally thrown me off-guard. They’ve been pretty damn awesome (with a few iffy bits), and I’ve been trying to take screenshots, but I just haven’t had time to collate them all into a blog post.

If you haven’t been watching Dollhouse — due to mixed reviews, or lack of time, or whatever — it’s probably worth watching for what promises to be a pretty spectacular finale. The last 6 episodes have played out like some kind of mini-series: very condensed, very action-packed. This week’s episodes (9 and 10) were visually spectacular: I don’t know if they borrowed some sets from elsewhere, or Dushku ploughed a ton of money into it, but it was really quite an adventure! Obviously, it leaves you wondering, if they’d made every episode this good, would the show have been axed…? Are they only this good because they’re trying to prove something? (Were these episodes made before it was axed?) It feels like they knew the end was coming, so they’ve shoehorned the finales from the next 2 or 3 coulda-woulda seasons — all the exposition is suddenly occurring.

At least they’ll get to finish it, unlike Firefly

[I actually want to write more of a review, but I don't have the time, grrr. -S]

Let’s not forget the vast number of cameo/bit parts. I have no idea if everyone ‘wanted in’ for the last few episodes, or if there’s just a glut of actors looking for parts at the moment — either way, it was a lot of fun to see faces like Ray Wise from Reaper and Glenn Morshower (Aaron Pierce) of 24. And who can forget Detective Lundy — er, I mean, Keith Carradine?

Anyway, depending on your point of view, the remainder of this post is either going to bore you senseless, or completely blow your mind, because there are frickin’ hundreds of screenshots here. I hope you don’t have a monthly Internet traffic limit. I admit, I rushed a few of them, so they’re not quite up to my usual standard… but they should do! (Check out the topless Victor and Sierra!!) As usual, you can hover over an image for a little more information.

Dr Bennett getting her own back on Echo. Evil Glau.

That smug git. Ray Wise, of Reaper (and lots of other things)

Dewitt gets very close indeed to... that other Dollhouse owner (Ray Wise). Moments before she breaks his balls.

Dewitt literally breaks his balls. British girls rock!

Victor (Enver Gjokjaj) as Topher -- a VERY realistic Topher

Victor being awoken as another Topher.

'For the win!' -- Victor, plays Topher. Awesome.

Aw, nerd love -- Topher and Bennett (Fran Kranz and Summer Glau)

More nerd love! Bonding over some kind of... mind map.

OK, last cute photo of Topher and Bennett, I promise... (mm, Glau)

Mysterious flashback of Echo and Bennett. I hope this storyline is completed.

This is Alexis Denisof, playing the Senator. I thought he was surprisingly good/strong, thus the screencap.

Olivia Williams (DeWitt) looking really quite pretty in Dollhouse

Another one of Olivia Williams looking rather cute.

Fran Kranz (Topher) looking almost cute.

As Victor would say: 'For the win!!' -- Finally, Sierra and Victor get it on. Dichen Lachman is rather attractive topless.

Reed Diamond (I forget his character name) makes a return here, as they hunt for Arcane in The Attic

Eliza Dushku and Reed Diamond, bursting in on Arcane, with big guns.

Arcane (Clyde) in the Attic, about to chop Victor up.

Nolan (Sierra's rapist) makes a surprise appearance. Pretty damn scary.

Of course, every bad guy is English. Adam Godley, as Clyde, one of the Rossum primary system architects

The gang, in Clyde's nightmare

OK, Tahmoh looks pretty hot with a gun. But that's the only time he looks hot.

Dushku looks surprisingly hot, in a tank full of goo. (Check out the prop plastic thing on her forehead..)

Seriously cool plastic wrap/gooey tank thing. Bit Matrixy. This is Sierra/Dichen Lachman (can't you tell?)
Detective Lundy, back from the dead (oops, spoiler).

Aaron Pierce! Sporting a hideous ginger beard! Gotta love him though.

I just thought Tahmoh looked cuter here than he usually does.
* * *
There, that wasn’t too bad now… was it?
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