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Yeah. This one didn’t quite work out the way I had intended. Originally it was simply going to be called ‘Oops’. But it doesn’t look enough like POO! Damn it. I guess it could be liquid poo, but that doesn’t tend to be quite so dark brown… does it? At least I don’t think so…

In the process of making this blog entry, I actually researched shit, faeces, stool, scatological wunderkind — sometimes being a writer is one of the best jobs ever… and sometimes it is not. Did you know that there’s a ‘stool scale’? That there are seven (7) ranks of crap consistency in medical science? No? It was actually invented nearby at the University of Bristol and it’s called… the Bristol Stool Scale. What you see here, all over my feet, is something like a 6.5 — pushing towards diarrhoea, or at least a shit that would usually be delivered unto the porcelain goddess with some urgency.

You learn something new every day.

I only got one attempt at this photo for obvious reasons… so when I had a look at them on my computer, I was a little disappointed. But hey, even if it doesn’t really look like poop, it’s still a great photo. Next time I’ll definitely use something a little more… lumpy. If there is a next time.

[More issues regarding leaky and unfortunate dribbles of bodily fluids can no doubt be found over on Lilu's blog this Thursday.]

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