Hail and well met, fellow Thespians. Did you know that I’ve acted on stage since I was about two? I was (un)fortunate enough to belong to one of those schools where, once a year, everyone slips into a costume made from old curtains, pipe cleaners and aluminium foil and prances around a stage for a couple of hours. In my formative years I just had to look cute. Later on I had to wear wigs (and affect a female voice), wear copious amounts of make-up and generally make a prat of myself. Remind me to get out the school photos some day — my roles ranged from frickin’ Osiris, the Greek [OK, Egyptian, I got it wrong -S] god, through to the Dauphin from The Scarlet Pimpernel. The photos would be nothing short of hilarious. Hilariously awful… but still hilarious.

Moving along then — I alluded in yesterday’s ’52′ that I love live-performance photography. Stage acting, musicals, dancing, music — it doesn’t matter. I love the STAGE itself. I’m sure a lot of deep and meaningful things could be said about the stage. How one throws off the shackles of their mundane, humdrum façade to assume a different role, a different persona; to be reborn every evening, to bask in both the luminescence of the lights and the audience. Then there’s the argument that it’s all an act anyway — the actual living thing — and that the stage merely exemplifies and amplifies traits already within us. Maybe I’ll investigate that some more.

There’s this story, a Kurt Vonnegut short (which I’ve just discovered was made into a short film!) called ‘Who Am I This Time?’ It’s about a shy, completely unassuming guy that only truly becomes someone on stage. Off stage, he’s a nobody, literally; devoid of personality, limp. If you haven’t read it, you should. Everyone should; Vonnegut was really way before his time, and a genius. It’s in Welcome to the Monkey House, probably the best collection of short stories not written by Roald Dahl (which you should also read).

Anyway, enough waffling. Today I have a bunch of photos from a show. There are a lot — about 100 — but as always, I’ve had to pick my favourite few. Notes for each photo can be found by hovering your mouse pointer over them. Again, I have to ask that no names or locations are mentioned in the comments.

First experience with UV light! Very, very tricky -- looks nothing like the actual scene, because of the way digital cameras work. Fun shot, though!

The expression is priceless.

I think they call it 'elation'.

Yarrr matey! That's captain Hook on the right. Captain Hook with breasts. It's always so hard to find MEN for these kinds of things...

On the last day of Genesis, God created the Amazonian. 'You'll love the first scene, Seb. All I'm wearing is two belts and a bra.' -- you weren't wrong.

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