21 of 52, by Abi:21 of 52, by Seb: Mission Control

Seat of Global Domination & Mission Control (much larger version)

Abi: Don’t you think it is weird when you finally see the place where someone you only know online spends most of their time talking to you from? I do. For a social interaction it is incredibly solitary, we can spend hours of our time in someone’s company yet never see into their world. So when you do it can be a very strange experience indeed.

I’ve just moved house so my “Seat of Global Domination” is in fact my bed. This explains the lack of “keepsakes” and clutter on show here. I do have a lot of interesting stuff that usually surrounds my desk area but that is all still in boxes as my possessions gradually find their homes. It’s all about the essentials, baby.

P.S. That old Swiss phone dates back to wartime and is fully functional and my favourite household item ever. I basically stole it from the house I shared with an ex boyfriend and I am so glad I did.

The yellow hat was knitted for me by a friend.

The t shirt was stolen from a boy, then shrunk to fit me. I have about 20 striped t shirts of various descriptions and this is by far my favourite.

I wear kneesocks almost everyday. You just can’t always see them.

I cannot function without the Internet.

* * *

Seb: Welcome to my office! When we moved in 12 years ago, I was already too tall to fit under normal desks. So my dad nailed this piece of wood between my two cupboards and voilá! A desk!

The angle of the photo makes everything look so small! The desk is actually about 2 meters long. At one stage I had a fourth monitor, but it really was too tight a fit — there was no space for all the useless shit (or ‘clutter’ as Abi calls it, pfft!) that surrounds me.

I could talk for ever about the significance of everything in this photo — I only keep significant keepsakes! — but I’d probably bore you. Feel free to ask if something in particular piques your interest though!

* * *

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