I’m meant to be NOT typing today, so as to give my RSI-ridden fingers a chance to recuperate, so… just enjoy the photos. There are a few notes, if you hover over them. In the case of the one with the tiny moon, you’re going to have to buy a print to actually see the moon — I think it’s the smallest new moon I’ve ever seen.

Also, one of these photos is dedicated to a friend of mine whose birthday was a few days ago. I don’t do it often, but I do it occasionally — I also do children’s parties and hen nights, if the price is right.

Dedicated to you, Miss Lotte! Happy Birthday.

(The new moon is on the left side, about half way up… no, it’s not a speck of dirt on your screen…)

Bit of an experimental shot for me. There are a few dog walkers at the bottom of the frame!

I think that's a lake in the foreground, but it might be something else (not sure). The last remaining vestiges of snow!

(Another 50mm landscape. Quite a ‘dense’ view, eh? But pretty.)

In black and white! It works rather well I thought.

A local reservoir. So still... so calm.

The sun is setting behind me — this is looking almost directly east I think.)

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