My house, circa 1995 (not taken by me).

This is my house, just before we moved into it. The photo was probably taken in 1995.

I’ve almost forgotten what grass looks like. What the sun looks like. What frickin’ daylight looks like. Europe is currently the land of eternal twilight. Admittedly, I wake up around 2pm so I’m not doing myself any favours, but the cloud coverage is so thick, so ever-present, so OPPRESSIVE that it just stays DARK. The only patch of sunlight was a few days ago — you saw the photo of me and my sister right? — and the photos I’m sharing with you today are a few hours after that, just before sunset (though when isn’t it sunset in the Arctic Circle of England…?)

These photos are from all around my estate. I don’t think I’ve really showed you where I live before, other than my immediate garden. I live in the coach house of a Victorian estate. The estate itself totals about 300 acres (150 hectares?) — small fry by American standards I guess, but quite big here in the UK. There’s a manor (photo below), and a farmhouse (no photos, but it’s not as pretty as the manor anyway), and a bunch of smaller lodges and ancillary buildings.

[So, this is where I had a power cut yesterday... now I'm going to continue!]

If you look at the photo above, that middle section is ‘new’. Originally there would’ve just been an arch there. The brown/red bit is cobbles — they extend behind the house too. Lords and ladies would’ve left their coach and horses behind the house (there are iron hoops on the wall to tie horses to), and then walked up to the manor, probably through the orchard (which is on the corner of our land). I live on the left side, in the oldest part of the house (the right side is extended and modified).

Behind the camera is the swimming pool (which I think I’ve shown you?), and way off to the left is the formal garden (which I recently used for 52 weeks).

Anyway, have a look through these photos. I’ve made a few notes where necessary! Incidentally, it’s finally starting to thaw. And it’s only one and a half months until Spring!! .. ..

This is one of the big fields about 500 meters from my house. Usually used for rearing horses.

I’m not sure if this is my new favourite landscape… or if the next one is…

Ye gods! Yeah, this one's stunning.

Just to the right of the single tree. I love the light on the trees to the right.

This is the one I ‘leaked’ exclusively to Facebook. It’s a lot prettier here on the blog without Facebook’s shitty JPEG compression though. Look at the PINKS.

The main drive for our estate. Field to the left is where I took most of the photos!

The manor! It's actually quite big, but from this distance... not so much.

If you’re trying to get your bearings, my house is to the left of this frame, and the farm is to the right (a long way away)

Looking away from the manor -- field in the distance is the one I used for the 'tree' photos.

That's the manor in the background, behind the tree. This is the reverse angle of the 'single tree' photo.

Brrr, I can’t feel my extremities or nipplesgasm (updated)


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