No toilet paper. No one at home. What to do, what to do... JUST DO IT.
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Have I done enough to secure my spot in hell? Surely I must be getting pretty close… [More hell-seekers can be found over on Lilu's blog!]

This photo’s for everyone out there that’s been caught without toilet paper either at home or in a public bathroom.

For everyone that’s tried in vain to find a scrap of paper in your pocket or handbag that can be shoehorned into anal submission.

For those of you that have done the ‘John Wayne Walk’ across the bathroom to get the toilet paper that has either a) rolled away from you or b) been left in the wrong place by someone else (WHY??)

But most of all, this photo is dedicated to those of you that have BEEN THERE. Those of you that have exhausted all available options. To those that have actually used your hand to scrape warm and squidgy-brown shit from between your legs.

[By the way, my mother took this photo. Yes, ours is a special relationship. Freud would have a field day.]

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