Good day! This week I’m trying something a little different. As one of the most regular and long-term participants in Lilu’s Too Much Information Thursday, I sometimes get the urge to spice things up. We only have so many gross stories to tell about ourselves after all!

This week I’ve hacked into showing its questions and answers in the box below. If you can’t see them in your RSS reader, you need to visit my blog. As people ask questions, and I answer them, you’ll see the results in real-time! You shouldn’t need to refresh the webpage. How’s that for high-tech?! (But you might have to hit F5 occasionally… these quick hacks are prone to bugs… — and if it NEVER updates, just go to my pretty pink Formspring page.)

Feel free to ask me absolutely anything. I strongly suggest you ask your questions anonymously, but it’s up to you. I have a day off today, so I’ll answer questions until my fingers fall off — but don’t expect essay-length answers. If you phrase your question so that a short answer works, I’ll love you even more… and might even do it again!

(It looks like you have to click the question title to see the full answer in some cases.)


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