I’m still way behind on things, after being away for the weekend, so I’m simply going to wow you with lots of pretty photos — and a vaguely interesting breadcrumb of information.

First, the anecdote, about horses. I was talking to a cute Welsh birdie about horses, as one does, and the talk quickly shifted to the topic of herds. There were lots and lots of horses in the New Forest, but all in small groups of two or three. If you saw the horsie photo yesterday, you’ll get what I mean — why are they alone, in the middle of nowhere? The mare on the left is pregnant — ‘so is that her mate on the right?’ I ask. Apparently not — female horses hang out together! The men only get called in to do the dirty when the mares are in season, otherwise… they have to go and sit alone somewhere, probably under a tree. Sucks to be them. The small clumps of horses come together at night, when they’re cold, to form a herd! Herds are led by the the most matronly mare — usually the one that kicks and bites the most.

And with that truly awesome bit of info to kick off your day, let’s get to the photos!

I’ve been experimenting with the 50mm landscape again, and — I hope you’ll agree — with quite pleasing results.

The rain is cometh! The New Forest, looking particularly bleak.

(My favourite of the day. 50mm lens, boo-ya!)

A small cluster of horses under the canopy of the New Forest.

(I like how the horse on the right almost looks like a unicorn…)

The same unicorn/horse, being watched by my friend.

(Looks a bit like a book cover or something…!)

From the 'bleak British horses' collection.

(After the apocalypse… there will just be horses. This one’s a bit Wuthering Heights.)

Another foreboding shot of the scrubby New Forest.

(Bit boring this photo… but thought you might like to see just how few trees there are in the New Forest!)

Friends... beneath the vast, ranging azure canopy of the New Forest.

(See, England can look expansive! They’re right there, in the middle. A rare glimpse at the sky too!)

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