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The Uncomfortable Bedfellow & Footsie

Abi: Those of you who followed my 365 project will be no stranger to the “bed shot“. I basically took a bunch of photos like this, on my bed. Ludicrous narcissist I hear you cry? Actually no, the bed shots were an exercise in lighting, form and also self esteem. It was my aim to always improve upon the last picture in some way, in the hope that I would eventually be totally comfortable with myself. Perhaps 100% body confidence is a little way off for every woman (except Beyonce) and certainly I am not quite at my destination yet, but I chose this to be a part of my 52weeks project to show that practice can lead to improvement in all areas.

It is very easy to look at an image and assume the person depicted is comfortable with themselves, it is possible to make rash judgements about their motives. Every image is a mini struggle for me, particularly shots like this, but at the same time it is one tiny step nearer to feeling OK.

* * *

Seb: Frickin’ beds. They’re all too small for me. Seriously: five-star hotel, you’d think they would have LONG beds… but no. True, the duvet felt like it was made from the skins of super-soft puppies, and the mattress itself was divine… but it’s hard to enjoy it when your feet hang off the end.

While I’m at it, most of this damn world is made for short people. Do you have any idea how hard it is to prepare food on a work surface that’s 6 inches too short? The kind of lower back pain that induces? Or how about shower heads that just don’t GO UP ENOUGH? Really, really clean nipples, but to wash my head I have to do the frickin’ limbo.

Then there’s cars… theatre seats (I simply don’t fit in old theatres)… girls — even girls aren’t made for men my size. Sucks to be me.

* * *

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