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It’s like shooting really expensive koi in a barrel & Lie in

Seb: I shot my first ever naked torso yesterday.

Unfortunately it was a male torso — greased and creased with perfectly-defined pecs and abs — but surely it’s only a matter of time until a girl asks me for the same… service. Either that, or I have a future of all-male calendar photography ahead of me…

For some reason, right next to where we were doing the shoot, there was a huge tank of koi (Japanese carp). Some small and some ooh-you’d-be-worth-a-lot large (seriously, large koi can cost thousands — check it out).

Anyway, very hard to focus through water — that guy at the front IS in focus, but the netting makes it quite an interesting/tough photo to digest.

* * *
Abi: I spent the entire day in bed today, my sleep patterns are dodgy at best so sometimes you just need a duvet day to stop you dying of exhaustion.

I guess I could have been out enjoying the weather. Today it was gloriously sunny and the light streamed in through the window for the first time in ages. I could have moved, should have got up. But I didn’t, I’m lazy like that.
* * *

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