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Dude, where’s my pant? & Home & Away

Seb: On Thursday I am off to Norway. This is both my homage to Norway (wool socks! water proof jacket!), and to a photo I took in 2009 before visiting the Faroe Islands.

I had originally planned to go without the sandals, but didn’t want to ruin my lovely (and over-priced) wool socks. They’re snowboarding socks! So here I am, in my Jesus sandals… …

As for the lack of pants — I don’t yet have any that are suitable for Norway. I need to buy some. (Yes, really, I’m not just getting naked for fun…)

I’ll be in Norway for three weeks. That means I get to add three, whole fjord photos to 52 Weeks!

* * *

Abi: I set out with the intention of taking a shot that featured at least one or more of Bristol’s landmarks and I managed to get two for the price of one. This footbridge over the Avon, just along from Temple Meads station has, for the obvious reason, always been referred to as the Banana Bridge. Finally the council bit the bullet and painted it yellow and black. Behind me, atop the hill, are the multicoloured houses that are synonymous with Bristol, both of these feature in the opening credits of Skins (series 1), if you know Bristol at all, you will be familiar with at least one of these.

I know it looks deserted here but I actually took this at lunchtime on a Sunday when the bridge was pretty busy. I am strangely proud that I managed to get no people or traffic in this shot, though an outtake did feature a woman in red, carrying a mothers day bouquet, which was kind of appropriate.

Now we are enjoying (slightly) better weather here in the UK, I intend to explore the city and some old haunts in more detail. Get to know it again.

* * *
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