… but unfortunately, the photos here were taken yesterday and the day before, when the sun was not out.

Actually, the sun isn’t even out right now, but there are patches of blue sky and trees are actually throwing shadows, so there must be some light somewhere up there; there is HOPE.

Anyway, yesterday we spent the day recuperating after The World’s Most Expensive Drunken Experience. You see, when even the most basic oil platform worker earns  £60,000 ($90,000) per year, things tend to be expensive. Like… £10 ($15) for a beer. £20 for a glass of wine. You don’t want to even know about cocktails. Fortunately, I’m a bit of a light-weight, but a hardened drinker would have no problem spending a few hundred pounds in just a few hours… crazy.

Incidentally, the food is generally worth the price, just. Earlier in the day I had a smoked salmon ‘sandwich’ for about £15. There was only one piece of bread, three slices of smoked salmon, and some other bits of garnish — but it was good, no doubt about it. Chinese food might cost £10 per dish, but at least you get rice with it for free.

So it’s expensive, but not unfairly so.

Still no fjords, then — that’s tomorrow, in theory, if the weather stays good (we have to travel for an hour or two) — but we’re going up a mountain later today.

Oh, I just realised, I didn’t actually tell you the getting-drunk story… how mean of me.

Floibanen is the entrance to the up-mountain cable car thing.

Bryggen, ye olde Hanseatic part of Bergen


More of Bryggen, and Korskirken (the steeple you see)

Bergen, Johanneskirken (Johannes Church). Center of town. In the cold rain...

The last one is from the end of the drunken night! Around 4am. Hand-held in the near-dark! Still solid as a rock when drunk… wink.

Bergen... in the fog and rain
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