I’ve been in Trondheim for three or four days now (it’s hard to tell, for reasons that will soon become apparent!) It’s very easy-going here — as much as it’s possible to be in Norway. I get the feeling that there’s some underlying tension. Perhaps it comes from having such a barren country, where only a tiny portion of the land is cultivatable. Maybe it’s true that money can’t buy you happiness. Or maybe it’s just the ever-fuggy weather — Britain gets a lot of rain, but ’tis a mere smattering compared to west Norway.

Anyway, the last few days have been a revival of, er, the student lifestyle. Booze, bitches and BREAD — a loaf of bread is all you need, baby! Bread for breakfast, bread for lunch, bread to soak up the alcohol at four in the morning…

The weather has been pretty shit, and there’s no quick-and-easy view of the fjord here (Trondheimsfjord), so we’ve mostly hung about indoors; I’ve been sorting photos and playing video games. We’ve been hanging by day and partying by night. Do you have any idea how fun drunken Guitar Hero is? With singing, drumming and guitaring? We’re still not sure if alcohol actually improves our skills, or just the perception thereof — but overall it definitely helps.

These photos aren’t from Trondheim though (I’ve hardly taken any here — too busy being social (I know!)) — they’re of Bergen and Hardangerfjord. The sun has made a few hour-long appearances over the last couple of days, and the snow is melting, so... if the improvement continues, we’re hoping to hit some scenic views in the next few days… here’s hoping!

I think you’ll find these photos quite pleasing, however.

Looking out towards the ocean, from Olsvik in Bergen

Hardangerfjord, some small town in Kvam/Hordaland (cute island!)

Hardangerfjord -- similar angle to the one before.

(Unlike the Faroe Islands, trees are all over the place, obscuring my view of the fjords…!)

Steindalsvegan, Kvam Kommune, near Norheimsund

(Check the fog in the middle! It’s rising out of the snow…)

Mo lake/Hardangerfjord, in Norheimsund (Kvam)

(Again, check out the mist/fog rising off the ice on the lake! Also, kinda cool how half the lake is frozen, and half isn’t)

Hardangerfjord from Norheimsund, looking out from the harbour.

(Not sure if I like this one. The blues are nice — as is the ‘dusk’ feeling.)

Hardangerfjord, in a beautiful dark, crystaline grey-black

This last one is my favourite… for now! It’s also the star of 52 Weeks!

Strandebarm, or standing on the edge of dark grey infinity
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