35 of 52, by Seb: 16, 18, 25
35 of 52, by Abi: Anzac

16, 18, 25 & Anzac

Seb: I’m almost 26 — and when I turn 26, my passport expires. 10 years after it was issued in 2000… aged 16.

This is a blast from the past. From a time that is probably best forgotten. I’d just left school and I had a grand total of about… one friend, I think.

The next image is from my first week at university, aged 18. A better time… a much better time.

And finally, a photo from yesterday. I thought about trimming my beard into the usual goatee, but I like how it goes from BALD to GOATEE to HUGE BEARD. Look how little I have aged!

I still don’t know how I got a passport, with hair almost entirely covering my left eye (and check out the security hologram things!)
* * *

Abi: I’m still here in Australia, waiting for a flight. My delay coincided with Anzac day here in Oz.– Anzac day is the Oz version of Rememberance Day in the UK and there are lots of events and a Bank Holiday to mark the occasion.

This is a closeup of the memorial in Kings park, honouring the lives lost in conflicts such as WW2, Gallipoli and Borneo.
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