This is just a brief note to say that I have submitted the initial documents required for a work visa here in Norway. While Norway’s not a member of the EU (damn oil snobs), it’s still fairly easy for me to get a job here.

And once I have a job… it’s time to settle. I have a little money saved up, which I have used to place a deposit on a nice 1-room flat (property prices are similar to London), but as I make friends and connections I will get somewhere bigger!

Here I am, pointing at my new house (well, on the other side of the mountain):

Seb, up Floibanen in Bergen, pointing in the direction of his new house.

I know this is a fairly dramatic announcement — and yes, I’ll probably have to sell a kidney to pay for food until my work visa goes through –but it’s blatantly the right thing to do! It is, after all, the only way I’m going to catch a clear sky without coming back every few weeks for the next year.

Mum: sorry, I should’ve emailed you first.

* * *

If you made it this far, here’s a bonus photo, also from the top of Floibanen (above Bergen) — note how I actually look quite small and dare I say… cute.

Sebastian, above Bergen (Bryggen over my left shoulder!)

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