So… I jogged again.

It wasn’t any easier than yesterday, but I guess it takes time — and to be honest, I mixed up the routine a little, so it’s hard to measure if I did any better or not. I also warmed up beforehand — twists, stretches, arm-circle-thingees but perhaps I was a little too rigorous, leaving my heart not quite ready for two hundred METERS of jogging.

There’s always tomorrow… and the next day!

And no, though I sound like a convert, I’m NOT. I don’t ENJOY it — not by a long way. But it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

Anyway, I set up my camera so that I could record a little bit of video after my jog. I don’t know if I’ll make a habit of this… but… here you go:

* * *
Also, though TMI Thursday has sadly come to an end — blame Lilu, that cow! — I did manage to record another video that elucidates just why exactly men scratch their nuts:

I don’t really enjoy listening to myself talk… but that first line! I have to admit, I’ve listened to the first line a few times.

* * *
Unrelated, but did any of you (Brits) watch The First Election Debate last night, on ITV? It wasn’t great. Less of a debate, more of a bickerfest. I don’t know how anyone is meant to pick a leader from a debate like that. At least Nick Clegg didn’t spend the majority of his time splitting hairs or repeating choice phrases from stump speeches. Gordon Brown, poor sod; seems to actually know his stuff but lacks the necessary charisma or force of will to see it through — he’s been given a bad hand of cards, put it that way. And good ol’ David Cameron… he’s the least offensive of the lot, I guess. Nice enough — but is that enough?

I don’t think Brown or Cameron should be put on a stage together again, that’s for sure. It doesn’t bring out the best side of either! The Conservative and Labour partiesmust know that this election may come down to voting on who is the least worst candidate…

Those man boobs do jiggle
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