I happened to pass by the mirror earlier (I don’t do it often — image issues, y’know!) and thought hm, those Internet folk have probably never seen me like this before…

You see, I nearly always have facial hair — as in, more than what you usually see in my self-portraits. I hate shaving (and showering, incidentally), but I don’t tend to do it a lot (but I do shower!) I only really shave when I’m going out or intending to take photos of myself, basically. What I’m trying to say is: I usually have a beard; not that designer stubble stuff.

Next: I wear glasses. There are scant few photos of me wearing glasses online. The Jesus one comes to mind, but other than that… there aren’t many! I nearly always take my glasses off before being photographed. I should get contact lenses, I know.

So, after glancing in the mirror, I grabbed my camera and tripod… and took some photos! The results are below. This is why most people think I am 40+ when they first meet me. Sorry for the blur/lack of focus — it’s dark outside and the crappy lights in the kitchen don’t offer much in the way of ILLUMINATION.

Tripod's not tall enough!Serious.

Something happened to the colour it seems (teething issues — new computer). I shouldn’t look like my liver is failing!

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