Dabiiiithhh & Got it licked.

Seb: I’m always surprised when I bump into an old friend. First it’s that pleasant ‘Oooh! HELLO!’, but it’s swiftly followed by a rather nice, warm sensation inside as I realise, hang on, I actually have a friend!

It happens almost every time I leave the house actually. All these friends… just… waiting! Biding their times in the shadows, waiting to be… FRIENDLY!

This photo was taken at a wedding. It was very hot and sticky. I felt sorry for the bridegroom’s troupe and their under-shirts, shirts, waistcoats and tails. The bridegroom was my cousin — which was nice, because a) he’s lovely, and b) it buys the rest of us a little more time. The mothers and aunts and grandmothers and great aunts are going to get their babies; they are sated… for now!

I wonder how late I can leave the whole getting married thing…

* * *
I don’t want to speak too soon but I think that Summer might have arrived in Britain. At the very least it popped in for a brief visit this weekend. It has been absolutely roasting (by UK standards, believe me temps of 25 degrees plus are A Big Deal) and everyone has been making the most of it.

Much mockery is often made regarding the British preoccupation with the weather, I have to admit that watching the entire population lighting Barbecues and baring their lily-white legs is really amusing. It is like an epidemic, we just can’t help ourselves.
As I have said here before, the British aren’t especially good at extreme weather. We can’t just enjoy it for what it is. A hot day is instantly branded “A Heatwave” and judging by the amount of sunburn I have seen about the place this weekend, people have decided to do an entire seasons worth of sunbathing in one day. Not entirely sensible, but then if you lived with the English drizzle, you might understand.

And so, where there is sun, there is ice cream (or “Skeem” if you want to use my childhood word for it). I am not sure if it is because I appear deprived, or that my friends secretly think I need fattening up (unlikely) but I have been bought three ice creams today. Thats surely not healthy. I didn’t eat all three of them, two are in the freezer, waiting for the next tarmac-melting occasion.

* * *
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