Feet of Engineering & April showers

Abi: I’ve been working on an article about the importance we humans place upon inanimate objects. Stuff, clutter, things. Is it really shallow to sum up ones life by the stuff we own? Is it not about who we are? I’d say yes and no. To some degree the things we choose to own are our imprint on the world, when we hold onto something, we are holding onto what that something represents. Something you may not know about me; I used to be quite a good dancer. The last time I took a picture of my Ballet shoes it became the most popular photo on my Flickr Photostream. It wasn’t even a very good photo so I am left to conclude there is just something about Pointe shoes that people like, I have yet to work out what it is. They have been responsible for some of the most excruciating moments of my life. Granted, they are incredibly beautiful objects in their own right, it is inconcievable that some layers of satin and shellac can support your entire bodyweight. They are a feat of engineering, strong yet beautiful. Like me!…. or not. *** Seb: Oh WAIT! It’s almost June! A week ago (as illustrated by Abi’s sweaty lollygagging) we were sitting in the middle of a 30-degree 100-percent-humidity heatwave. Fast forward just three days and… well, feast your eyes upon what looks like London, circa the middle of the Industrial Revolution. There’s some lovely grain, but you can’t see at this size! I’m going to print it large and hang it on my wall I think. Anyway, that’s The Palace of Westminster on the left (Parliament), and the London Eye in the middle. It’s a bit sad that I live within half an hour of London, but other than a handful of crappy touristy snaps, this is the ONLY photo I have! Sadder yet, I think London is probably at its most aesthetic when drenched in a gloomy grey mire. Beats the hell out of the bland, bright stratocumulus that plagues these shores. Anyway, here’s hoping fair summer weather returns! *** Click either image to visit our respective Flickr streams! Low resolution never tasted so good!

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