I’ve been busily working on some changes to this blog! Nothing ground-breaking, just… tweaks.

First, I’ve cut down the sidebar a little. Now it links through to a few of my favourite tags (on religion, on sex and girls, on culture, etc.), and a handful of my favourite blog posts.

Second, you can now buy photos from this blog! I’ve created a gallery with almost every photo in — and on select photos throughout the site, when you click on them, a ‘buy this photo’ button will appear. Click the button, checkout with PayPal and… voilà! An original photo is will soon be yours! (I still need to write a ‘shipping details’ page — bear with me on that.) Almost every named photo is for sale, but as usual though, each photo is part of a limited run, so once it’s sold out… that’s it! For ever!

To celebrate this awesome new feature, here are some stunning sunset landscapes that I shot last week. I was actually chasing the new moon that was meant to appear on the 14th, but sadly I didn’t catch it. Damn clouds! The moon was incredibly close to the sun, setting just half an hour after the sun — unusual, I’m told! Still, those same clouds provided a fantastic backdrop for a bulbous, swollen sun. It reminded me of molten glass being blown in the Murano glass factories, in the Venetian Lagoon.

(In chronological order, over a span of about 20 minutes.)

Nuclear Sunset, Sussex

Plane Crossing

Sunset Rainbow, Sussex

(There’s also a video of the sun’s dying moments, if you like watching the sun set…)

* * *
In other news, I’m also chasing a driving license. I took an official mock theory test online and scored 42 out of 50! I’ve only looked at the Highway Code once, for about an hour, back when I was 18. That was when I took my first theory test — I passed, but it lapses after two years. Lame. Anyway, if I pass my theory test, I could have a driving license by the end of July! Not that I am looking forward to driving around with the current fuel prices — but if I want to drive around during my Great East Asia Tour, a driving license is, well, necessary.

I’m working on a few other things at the moment but they’re not really things I can blog about. Unless you want to hear about my jogging experiences… or how many sit-ups I am now capable of! (About 100!) I’m also burrowing deeper into the AOL behemoth. Before you know it I’ll be one of those wizened Jews that wields the kind of prejudiced justice that only mass media can muster.

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