… I might even be a celibate gay like him too at this rate. (Though, with one of my cousins now successfully married off, there is slightly less pressure on me to, er, perform… in the Jewish sense…)

Anyway, the genius, polymath, inimitable and generally-awesome Stephen Fry twittered a link to a 30-minute video interview. Ostensibly, from the title, it’s some kind of retrospective… but it really isn’t. Stephen spends half an hour giving us a succinct and hyperacute overview of life on Earth. It’s almost like a sermon: what to avoid, how to behave and other little nuggets of info.

The scary bit, at least for me, is that we seem to share almost identical ideologies. As he spoke, it felt like it could’ve been me in 30 years. Very, very weird — but cool!

(Americans: you probably don’t know Stephen Fry. If you’ve heard of Blackadder, he was in that. He also spent most of his early career alongside Hugh Laurie of ‘House’ fame — they’re bestest friends, even.)

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll probably notice quite a few common strains between Fry and I.

It’s also very satisfying, and calming, to realise that I’m on the right path. I don’t want to spout all that usual crap about quarter-life crises, but there is definitely a gap between finding your feet between 18 and 25, and then learning to fly. Very satisfying indeed.

* * *
In unrelated other-than-first-name news Stephen Hawking’s new TV show (Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking) has just finished airing on the Discovery Channel. You can wait a while and the DVDs, or download it from reputable BitTorrent sites. The first part on aliens was excellent; the bit on time-travel was a bit boring (I’ve heard it all before) — and the last segment on The Story of Everything looks like it’ll be amazing (but I haven’t seen it yet!)

(You’ve all watched Carl Sagan’s Cosmos by now, right?)

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